Thursday, 1 October 2009

The Great Hamster Massacre is Launched!

Last night I attended a fun launch party for a fantastic new fiction book I've illustrated called 'The Great Hamster Massacre' (to be published by Simon and Schuster). Katie Davies the Author and her husband Alan Davies the comedian were there along with members of the Simon and Schuster publishing team, booksellers and librarians.

The Great Hamster Massacre won't be published until January 2010 but save your pocket money as it's a deliciously funny read.

Here's the synopsis:

A very natural and honest version of life's events from the perspective of a young girl - from her suspicions about her neighbours, to her rocky friendship with the girl next door; from the sudden death
of her beloved granny to her relentless quest for a pet hamster, only to then find it mysteriously slaughtered - which kickstarts a local investigation of 'suspects'. This is the first in a proposed series of short novels featuring the same characters and setting - with the themes of pets and detective work holding them together.

I'm currently working on illustrations for the next book in the series, called 'The Great Rabbit Rescue', so watch this space!
My website will soon be updated so you can see some of the illustrations from Hamster Massacre.