Tuesday, 28 September 2010

The Evelina Children's Hospital (Guy's and St Thomas' Charity) Dog Project

Here is my canvas for the Guy's & St Thomas' Charity, Evelina Dog Project which will be auctioned to save money for the Evalina Children's Hospital.

The canvas came printed with the child's drawing of the central dog which I decided would look funny if it was being painted by dogs.
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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Yoga wolf

From a new Sean Taylor picture book I'm illustrating.

Rabbit Rescue - out now!

The sequel to The Great Hamster Massacre - The Great Rabbit Rescue, is out in shops now.

It is as funny as the first one, hence I spent lots of time laughing at the story whilst doing the illustrations. I enjoyed drawing the big scary rabbit best of all. As someone who only owned (rather stupid) guinea-pigs as a child, the story convinced me that I was probably quite lucky to miss out on the perils of caring for a rabbit!

Joe has gone to live with his dad, leaving behind his beloved pet rabbit. Anna and Suzanne try to look after it for him, but when the rabbit becomes ill, they're convinced it's because it's missing Joe. Now Joe is sick too. The girls are certain that Joe and the rabbit will die unless they are reunited soon...But can Anna and Tom and Suzanne pull off The Great Rabbit Rescue in time?

Ratina and Pip

A cheeky pair of ship's rats.