Thursday, 30 June 2011

PPPick-up a... no, not a penguin - A PUFFIN!!

Hi y'all!

Not only has School for Bandits been LAUNCHED in the good old U.S of A now but I have also done a special guide for the Puffin Post on how to draw a puffin!

Have a look here: Click on image to enlarge.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Ooh! Look at this! You can make a Ralph Raccoon Mask!

With the launch of School for Bandits fast approaching, I've designed a fab Raccoon mask for you to download and make- remember to print the full size version on CARD for best results. Please email me any photos if you make a mask, I'd love to see them.
This will also be available to download from my website.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

How a drawing progresses FINAL IMAGE

And here it is! The Final image. Although, now I have everything on layers in photoshop so I can change anything within reason. I can also add text of the story too.

How a drawing progresses Stage 3

Almost there...

Now using a special bit of photoshop trickery (I basically treat photoshop like a screen printing process) I layer up and select textures and images and start to colour it, I overlay shadows too. It takes me a few days to get it right and I don't stop tweaking colours and textures until I'm completely happy with the way it looks.

How a drawing progresses Stage 2

This is where I have lots of fun creating textures, I also have chosen certain elements of the image which I want to stand out (like the hut and the fox characters in this one) I paint these using water colours.

Friday, 3 June 2011

How a drawing progresses Stage 1 (ish)

In the next few posts I'll be posting various stages of how I build up an image.

So this is stage 1, just the black and white line. Usually the characters would be on separate layers in photoshop so I can move them around. I've made a few mistakes when drawing this, so it's already been through one stage of editing. However, it will need more editing along the way.

This is from a new book idea (see older blog posts for other image ideas from this book)

Next stage paint and textures... I'll be doing those next week so check my blog out again at the end of next week.