Thursday, 30 August 2012


Ok, so I'll own up! The reason I haven't been blogging as much as I should (and the reason I may not be blogging so much in the future) can be explained in this doodle:

Yup, I'm having a baby! It's due in December which means I am frantically trying to meet deadlines and get as much work done before I give birth.

I must admit I'm kind of terrified but also very excited. Don't worry I'm not planning to give up work all together, I just might be a little distracted for a while.

In fact there's more than just babies to look forward to in 2013 and beyond.
I'll be promoting my new FICTION (Yes fiction!) book, written and illustrated entirely by me. I am working on the illustrations and final draft at the moment. It's all about a SEWER RAT called Stan Stinky (will be published by Scholastic) and I'm hoping it will be very funny, especially if you're 7-9 years old.

There will also be the final Harper Collins, Ivan Brett CASPER CANDLEWACKS book to look forward to as well as various exciting new fiction book projects I'm working on for Walker Books.

What else? Well I'll be illustrating another fab Frances Lincoln, SEAN TAYLOR picture book (this will be our 6th book together) because last month I finished the illustrations for our 5th book the very silly WE HAVE LIFT OFF! by Sean Taylor. Out in 2013!

So, although I may not be able to do so many events next year, I will definitely be in touch about new books and doing my best to keep calm and carry on!

If you want to come meet me and the bump, I'll be taking part in the following EVENTS this autumn:

SATURDAY 8th September 11am : Octavia's BOOKSHOP, Cirencester- Signing and activity morning.

WEDNESDAY 10th October 4 - 4:45pm: Cheltenham Literary Festival- School For Bandits Party!

WEDNESDAY 31st October 11:45 - 12:45: Newport Festival Big READ at the Newport Centre. This will be a front led session with Reading, drawing and games!
 ( ...and the last chance to meet me before I pop!)

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